Depression: Know the Warning Signs In Your Aging Loved One

Let me start by saying that depression is way more common that people realize. This is important, because chances are your aging loved one won’t even know whether they’re battling depression or not. I’ve seen it many times before. Even more upsetting is that when they do recognize that something is wrong they are too ashamed to tell anyone. So let me be clear, there is NO shame in suffering from depression. Today, let’s not just discuss the causes of depression, but

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Are Dug Prescriptions Killing Your Parents? Eldercare Gone Awry:

When was the last time you went rummaging through your parents medicine cabinet? I know, they like their privacy. Fair enough…until you accidentally get a glimpse of the pharmacy they keep in there. Now the fact that they’re engaged with their own health is a good thing as long as everyone is on the same page. Here’s why? Side Effects Medications have side effects. How many times have you watched a drug commercial and thought, “My God, the side effects

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